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“I would like to take this time to tell you all at Brighter Dental that when I started with Brighter Dental I hated going to a dentist I would not even go alone. But now a year later I have no problem go to the dentist alone the people there are the nicest people I have ever met and the work is first rate my whole family goes to Brighter Dental and Dr. Singer is the best because of Dr Singer I have a full mouth of teeth and that is great so I would like to take this time to thank you all.”

~ F. Stasium

“I’ve been a patient of Brighter Dental Care & Dr. Singer for several years, now. I have always found all the staff to be caring & helpful. Additionally, when my husband finally came to the realization that something just had to be done about his long-neglected and delayed dental care, I persuaded him at last to try Dr Singer. My husband required extensive treatment, involving not only Dr Singer, but just about the entire staff, at one point or another. We were always well informed about every step of the process, from consultation, through planning, treatment, costs, payment options, etc. “Painless” dentistry involves more than just what takes place inside one’s mouth. The responsiveness of the staff is not limited to the time we spend at their office, but includes telephone responses when it is necessary to call there for any reason.”

~ B. Peidl

“For the longest time, I hated going to the dentist. Every time I went, I left hating the entire experience. Because of that, I went for a long time not going. About the only time I did go was when I needed quick repair to a problem tooth. Over a year ago, I made the decision that I needed to get my life back on track. This first thing I decided to do was look into getting my teeth fixed. I knew that there would be a lot of work to be done. I started to research where the best place to go to. Well, I finally came upon Brighter Dental in Robbinsville and decided to take the chance there. The minute I walked in the door and got down to what needed to be done, I was reassured that I was not going to be judge by what I had not done but what needs to be done from here on. The entire staff made me feel like I was the most important person there. Every thing was explained on why it needed to be done and how it was going to effect the outcome. Dr Singer has established an entire staff of people, from the front desk to the doctors, who main concern is to have your teeth in a better condition then when you walked in. I am totally happy with every thing that they have done for me. It was a long road through every thing that needed to be done but the end result is perfect. I actually look forward to the next visit. I never thought that I would ever recommend a dentist to anyone but Brighter Dental is more than a dentist office. It is a place that can take care of your dental problems with out even having to leave the building. They are a full dental service center. And on top of that, they treated me like they were the one sitting in the chair. That makes the difference. They are a true example of putting the care in Dental Care. End result, I have a bright smile, a better attitude and I have a place that I a am not afraid to go to when I need to get dental work done. Thanks!”

~ C. Hohmann

“My name is Maria (Rowena to friends) and I live in Hillsborough NJ. I had heard about Brighter Dental on the radio. I had been in the market for a new dentist for a year since my insurance changed and my former dentist did not participate in the new plan. I decided to call and see if they took my insurance and then made an appointment for me and my 16 year old daughter. We went to the Skillman office and were greeted right away by the friendly staff. Stacy his dental assistant was very personable and made me feel comfortable right away. My daughter Arielle was seen by his dental hygienist and she had a good experience with her cleaning. Dr.Singer evaluated my x-rays and proceeded to explain in full detail the dental work that I needed done. There was no pressure nor was he condescending during his consultation. He then gave me a list of the procedures in order of importance and the cost out of pocket. I was able to go home and make an informed decision. I was scheduled for a crown lengthening which in hindsight could’ve been a very painful procedure but Dr Singer made sure I was completely anesthesized before proceeding and during the procedure he kept making sure I was not feeling any pain. All in all I was very happy with the experience and would recommend Dr Singer and his staff to all my family and friends.”

~ M. Rowena

“Since I was a small child I have always been nervous about going to the dentist. I head somebody talking about Brighter Dental so I decided to check it out. I was greeted with smiles and friendliness and even though there were a bunch of people in the waiting room, I only waited a couple of minutes. The Hygienist was gentle and kept asking me if I was okay because she could sense my stress. As it turns out I had a cavity, my first in 41 years, you can imagine that I was a bit nervous about the novacane but the dentist talked to me softly and got me through the experience with ease. Now I truly have no worries about going back to the dentist. This is a fear I never thought I would conquer. I now take my husband and 3 kids to Brighter Dental as well. The Brighter Dental Team is as good with kids as they are with adults.”

~ W. Richmond

“My name is Jennifer Melendez and I am a senior at The College of New Jersey. I also work full time as an Intern for Johnson and Johnson in Skillman, NJ. I am always on the go and very busy juggling both work and school, so finding a dentist that would be convenient for me was not easy. I chose Brighter Dental Care of Montgomery because it is only a few minutes away from my job and I was looking for a flexible dentist. I went for my consultation just because I had a tooth ache and thought it was a simple cavity, however to my surprise I found out I needed much more dental work than that! Dr. Singer was very polite and made sure I understood exactly what work I needed done. He was even so accommodating to my schedule that he fit me in for dental surgery at night, which I was told was very uncommon! In all the dentists I have ever been to before, Brighter Dental Care has by far been the best. Brighter Dental Care has a great staff that is warm and very welcoming. Even the girls at the front desk are so kind. It is also great to be able to have a root canal, a cavity filled, and dental surgery all at the same place! Whenever I go see the doctors there, I know I am going to be comfortable. This was good for me because I am absolutely terrified of the dentist—I’m one of those patients that is always shaking and clenching their fists together in the chair. But Dr. Singer and his team have made every experience I’ve had at the Brighter Dental Care very pleasant. I am fortunate to have found them by chance and highly recommend their practice. Thanks!”

~ J. Melendez

“I’m a retired grandfather of 2 active grandsons and enjoying them whenever I can. One of my friends recommended Brighter Dental Care when my dentist retired and moved out of the area. My first appointment was a consultation. I was introduced to Dr. Singer and was pleasantly surprised with his reassuring nature. He analyzed my dental needs and recommended a course of action in a very detailed and understandable conversation. The staff in the Princeton office has always greeted me cordially and are quite attentive. Appointments are made with ease. And the modern environment for dental work makes the experience less traumatic by providing enjoyable distractions of TV and music. Having all types of dental care residing in one office creates a very personable atmosphere.”

~ R. Elson

“After seeing the same dentist for approximately fifteen years I was hesitant to change dentists but since relocating four years ago the distance and time it took to visit my dentist was counterproductive. Since I am married and have three children the task of finding a new dentist that that my entire family could feel comfortable with was a project that I was not looking forward to. Fortunately my wife and I found Dr. Singer and the staff at Brighter Dental Care. While researching doctors through my insurance website I noticed several dentists associated with Brighter Dental Care. The location of their office is very convenient and their hours of operation are conducive to almost any schedule. Their staff consists of doctors from all regimens of oral care thus Brighter Dental is one stop shopping for all of my and my family’s dental needs. Their clean modern open office environment is very welcoming, the staff is courteous, and they always look to help in whatever way possible. Whether it is the receptionist assisting with the myriad of paper work, or the dental assistant insuring my comfort, it is my family and I that come first. Since my initial consultation I have had several procedures completed by Dr. Singer and his associates. They are always very professional, take the necessary time to clearly explain the procedures, and most importantly ensure that my experience is pain free. As for my children they look forward to visiting the dentist they especially like the open atmosphere and the televisions in each area. In their words Brighter dental is awesome and great. In my words Brighter Dental is the answer to all of my family’s dental needs. I whole heartedly would recommend Brighter Dental Care to anyone in search of a pleasurable pain free dental experience.”

~ J. Devine

“I have ben going to Brighter Dental for 20 years. For the past 6 or so years I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Doctor Singer. He is not only the most handsome dentist I’ve ever seen but also the most compassionate.

He and his staff have always been accommodating. Especially when an emergency comes up. I’ve lost a couple caps over the years. He wouldn’t let me look too ridiculous for to long. So Doctor Singer takes me in right away to remedy the situation.

My hygienists is Lisa and she takes very good care of me and I’m sure many others.

It’s been my pleasure to say many positive things about Doctor Singer because I know he really cares about US.”

~ M. Dustman

“I’d like to tell you a story about my experience with Brighter Dental Care. Years before I started going to Brighter Dental, I had a crown put on my front tooth and had experienced no further problems. As fate would have it, I was out on a first date with a girl I really wanted to get to know better when I bit down on a piece of food and off popped the crown. You want to talk about an embarrassing moment and some bad timing.

The next day I called Brighter Dental and they brought me in first thing. I met with the doctor and he evaluated the situation. Due to the small amount of tooth remaining, he developed a plan of action that required root canal, oral surgery and a new crown. Since this was a fairly long process, I needed to have a temporary crown put on and of course it had to come off while they were doing the work.

When I told the doctor and his assistants the story of how the crown came off during this first date they took a very personal interest in not having this happen to me again. They made sure the temporary was “secure” and every time I came back the girls would ask me how I was making out with the new relationship. So did the doctor! It became like the running joke of the office.

The surgery and the new crown were eventually finished and I’ve had no problems with it since, but every time I came back for a cleaning or checkup someone would ask me if I was still dating the same girl.
Not only did the dentists and the staff at Brighter Dental do a very professional job, they also took a genuine and sincere interest in me and that shined through with each visit.

I’m happy to say that I married that girl 3 years later and that we just celebrated our 4th anniversary! Who says that good things don’t happen at the dentist office? Go Brighter Dental.”

~ Wayne Wooster

“My name is Genny K, and I am a big fan of Bright Dental! I was very upset that at such a young age my gums were deteriorating and receding to the point of discomfort. I went to many dentists and periodontists to try and find a solution, but it wasn’t until a personal friend recommended the doctors at Brighter Dental that I actually trusted someone to do the surgery my gums so very badly needed. The doctor treated me like his most important patient. He guided me through the entire experience…from the consult explaining what needed to be done, to the actual procedure of letting me know what he was doing and what I would feel before he did it, to the recovery and follow up. He was so thorough in everything he did, I felt comfortable from the second I walked in the door. Not only was I blown away by the doctor’s ability to be a professional and comforting friend at the same time but was so impressed of the practice as a whole…From the friendly receptionist, to the gentle and sweet nurses to the clean and prestine exam rooms. Brighter Dental was certainly worth the trip!”

“My name is Stuart L, and I thank the Brighter Dental team and staff every day of my life! You see, I never took care of my teeth as a young man and lost several in the front and at the top. I suffered through poorly fitted dentures for years. Then I visited Brighter Dental and they recommended I have implant surgery. They did them and it changed my life. I now have a great smile, and the ability to eat food with confidence, comfort and pleasure. It is as though they turned back the clock and made my mouth feel young again. The procedures were easy and relatively pain free. The staff was amazing. The prices were reasonable. I can’t say thank you enough for how the Brighter Dental improved my quality of life.”

~ Genny K